The WSC Board

The Board is comprised of the President, the Vice Presidents  the Treasure, the Secretary and the Division Directors. The President is in charge of overall business including with other occupational health and safety organizations.

The Board of Directors Duties

  • Abide to the statutes and determine the Association’s mission and purpose.
  • Comply with the duties and activities approved at the annual member meetings.
  • Ensure an orderly and effective transition of duties and management of change of the WSC.
  • Monitor the Association’s products, services and programs.
  • As feasible, conduct speaking engagements (both getting engagements & doing the actual speaking).
  • As needed, approving new members.
  • Enhance the Association’s public image.
  • Serve as a Court of Appeal.
  • Make decisions in the best interest of the nonprofit corporation; not in his or her self-interest. (Legal “Duty of loyalty”).
  • Determine the values to be promoted throughout the Association.
  • Review organization’s goals and Association’s policies, strategy, vision, mission, and values statements.